Carpentry Services

Carpenters have been around from before we could remember. Doing some of the most difficult tasks from building our tables, constructing our kitchens, or to building our whole house, they made it happen. We want to share that experience with you. Our finishing work is top notch!From baseboard, casing and trim we turn your imagination into reality at Every Construction Need.

What We Do

Custom Design

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Drywall & Taping

We perform drywall installation and drywall taping services in various types of projects; finishing entire basements, completion of residential houses and apartments, commercial sites such as, schools, hotels, office buildings, condominiums, rehabilitation centers, plazas and more.


Isn’t it amazing how when you walk into a space, the floors aid in directing where you go. Don’t you just love looking at a beautiful floor? We love it too. At Every Construction Need we provide the most beautiful flooring you could ask for. From resurfacing your hardwood, to laying brand new hardwood, tiling or the nice modern laminate flooring, our flooring jobs make you feel like you’re walking the runway.

Casing Trim & Baseboard

The range of trim, crown moulding, fireplace mantles, wainscotting and cabinetry, interior and exterior columns is endless. The wood arrays are very extensive with unfinished wood types such as maple pine, ash, oak, cherry, walnut, or a traditional painted for kitchens, baths, garages, offices, bedrooms, closets and more. We offer in-home consultation of your carpentry and woodworking needs.


I can remember the first time I walked into a newly painted space, all while seeing the walls glisten and shine for all to see. That first time I also saw the effort of the people and the satisfaction they felt after a job well done. Painting is that finishing part of a house that gives it’s integrity and character. At Every Construction Need painting is an art! We’ll give you the design and style you need to make your walls feel complete.

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We provide all your construction needs,you can speak to an industry professional about what your needs now.


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