Cement Finishing

We provide our customers with the best in all types of high quality cement finishing. Our professional cement finishing service in the GTA is a cut above the rest because we take true pride in the craft. The art of cement finishing gives your building or walls a strong and beautiful facade which supplies a sleek aesthetic for a lifetime.

 Whether you are looking to smooth the inside walls of your bedrooms and living area for future paint coats, or want to beautify the facade of your house facing the neighbourhood, ECN will make it happen.

Installation is labour-intensive and can cost a lot more than anticipated if not handled properly. This job is usually too difficult for even the most die-hard do-it-yourselfers and is best left to professionals.

About this Process

The process of covering walls with concrete material improves its overall appearance and structural integrity. It is an easy and affordable way to transform your property so it looks brand new. This process also provides a number of interesting finish options to choose from.  

Cement Finishing is a very  competitive field so there are many companies in this industry. Not all of them are made equal, which is why you need to choose carefully. All our work is guaranteed so you won’t experience any problems with the applications.

Customer satisfaction is our priority, which is why we offer high-quality customer service on all projects. You get prompt assistance from a skilled team of experts.


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Popular Types of Cement

This option is ideal for interior walls and most homeowners want a smooth finish on indoor surfaces. Rough or textured finishes are more difficult to clean and can cause minor injuries because the finish is mildly abrasive.

Textured finishes give a dimensional look at a wall, adding interest to the design. This option is well suited for outdoor render though many homeowners choose to apply it to interior accent walls as well. This option is best used for ceilings and many outdoors surfaces.

Painted or colored surfaces add interest and character to a property. There is a wide collection of colors to choose from so you can find something that suits your requirements perfectly.

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