You can cross out the planting, weed removal and lawn mowing from your to-do-list this season and just enjoy the view all summer long. We offer all the services you need to make your garden look amazing – all the time!

Gardens need gardening and are amongst one of the most sacred places to walk in. They go way back in history as places where life began and took shape. We all like to see the display of good gardening at the front door of homes because it makes it all that more inviting and welcoming. Gardening can be relaxing and cathartic, leaving you with a sense of fulfillment and joy. At Every Construction Need, we want to add to that relaxation and give you the gardening work that you need. You’ll thank us later!

About this Process

The garden maintenance service includes the following procedures:


  • Lawn mowing and hedge trimming
  • Pruning of small trees, bushes and shrubs
  • Planting, replanting and flower bed care
  • Leaf clearance and general clean-up
  • Manual weed removal and chemical weed control (upon request)

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